Zoku Quick Pop Maker

Make quick pops with a Zoku Quick Pop Maker! Zoku Duo or Zoku single – the quick pop maker does just that making ice pops …. quickly!

zoku quick pop maker

zoku quick pop maker

So, why would anyone want to make an ice pop quickly? Well, there is the obvious example of it being a hot day and you want to cool down damn fast! But there is more to it than that… the zoku quick pop maker makes cool ice pops. That is both cool (frozen) and cool (funky)!

zoku ice pops

zoku ice pops

Firstly let Feedwhip explain how it works … you out the body of the zoku quick pop into the freezer for 24 hours (which actually is not quick at all, but if you’re always prepared then the Zoku will be there waiting for you). The zoku is filled with magic, which means that it can stay cold for a long time …. my thoughts would be that this is something to do with “heat capacity” or some such science stuff, but for whatever reason – when you pour the ingredients into the quick pop then you get a solid ice pop in about ten minutes. So, why is that great? Well, you can do much more creative things eg. adding two liquids alternately with a few minutes between to get striped ice pops.

Zoku fruit pops – these are my favourite, and I only just ate a zoku pop made with strawberry and orange juice. You first add the fruit which sticks to the side of the mould, then add the liquid which fills in the gaps. This is so great because if you were to try this with the old-fashioned slow-pop method then you’d end up with all of the fruit sinking to the bottom as the ice slowly formed!!

Zoku hollow pops – this is another zoku recipe that would be hard to replicate without the quick pop mould. Fill the mould with whatever you intend to use as the outer and give it a few minutes to freeze solid, and then suck out the liquid centre with a straw WATCH OUT FOR BRAIN-FREEZE! then you can fill the hollow with a second liquid – ideally in a contrasting colour.

Zoku are very clued up when it comes to flogging extras so there are plenty of useful, but over-priced additions to the basic quick pop machine. See them all here

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  1. cool pop September 19, 2014 at 12:45 am #

    The zoku quick pop maker is expensive but worth it. Being able to make ice-pops “live” is so convenient. The ability to make stripes and shapes is pretty cool too. The biggest bonus is to be able to make fresh fruit into a form that children love to eat. You can get all of your five -a-day onto a single zoku!

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