Whipped Cream Chargers

Summer’s here and the time is right for whipped cream chargers!! Yes that’s true I just picked my first strawberry today and it ws crying out for some of the white stuff..


So without starting to wax lyrical on a subject close the heart of the feedwhip – the merits of the whipped cream charger – let us consider other options about what to have with your strawberries.

How about regular cream?

That is a god question and far be it from us to suggest that is just a matter of laziness – nope, this is a valid idea. Something to consider is the stickiness of the cream – steer clear of any half’n’half type low fat options – after all, what is the use of cream that will simply slide off the strawberries and onto the bottom of the bowl. It is strawberries AND cream not strawberries followed by cream – you really want them all to be on the spoon and into the mouth all at the same time. So get the thickest you can.

 Straight from the cow!

If you want to be a food-snob about this then you really want to hunt down some unpasteurized cream – I don’t know if it is even legal to sell it like this – I’m sure that the EU have some law stating that only French farms have the right to market unpasteurised cream – I used to get it from a farm just don the road where they literally scooped it off the top of the vat. I’m now luck enough to be able to get it from my own cows, but for the rest of you then try somewhere like the wholefoodmarket to find a source.

Whipped Cream Chargers

And now for the obvious solution that I’m sure you were all thinking about long before I was there – you add stickiness to your cream by adding nitrous oxide – the speedy, simply method. You’ll be able to add three times as much cream as you ever thought possible and with the simplest of squirts – it’ll stay on top of the pile of strawberries long enough for you to enjoy not just the taste but also the site the biggest most summery pile of fruit you could ever imagine. This will leave you fit and ready to lie back and watch others sweating it out at Wimbledon.

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