Tools – cream chargers for molecular mixology kits

How to Choose Molecular Mixology Kits Online

Molecular mixology is an art of combining different techniques to come up with a new drink. The new drink has different taste, texture, flavor and appearance. A practical kit will help you boost your cooking skills and creativity. you need to get well-versed with cocktails, which you can use to impress your guests. Online cocktail kits contain every techniques, equipments and ingredients you want to make the best high quality cocktail. The kit contains enough ingredients that you can use to make more than 150 great cocktails. Do not miss the chance of getting your kit online.




Once you apply for an online kit, the merchant will get it to you immediately. Just place an order, and you will get started to making your great cocktail. This place is the best to get your own kit. The kit is cheap and easy to get. The most common kit has the following:

  • Five pipettes
  • 50 sachets, five additives
  • Measuring spoons
  • Slotted spoon
  • A DVD containing 30 recipes


The molecular mixology kit will engage you in other procedures and ingredients on molecular gastronomy. This is a process and science of blending food, culinary and chemistry. Every kit will lure you to experiment all popular methods used in mixology like appearance, texture and colors. With the use of all the five additives in the kit, you can make as many cocktails as 30. The different sachets in the kit will make use of consistency blending that will help you transform liquids to solids and gels. The methods you can use to change liquids into solids and gel are emulsification, jellification and thickening. The DVDs are in different languages including English, and the sachets are vegan and vegetarian.


Molecular mixology kit will include everything that you require to do all the experiments. Of course, you cannot be perfect with the first time. You have to do many experiments in order to come up with the best cocktails. Transform your home into a bar by using mixology, and surprise your guests every time that they come over with wondrous cocktails.