Skittles infused Vodka

Have you loved colorful Skittles like the way I do? If you do, then you would clearly want to infuse them with an array of different things. Not only is making this fun, but this is also a great way of making your friendly neighborhood whipped cream dispenser a multi-tasking product, where it can do many things at the same time. To make Skittles Vodka, all you need is a bag of skittles and a bottle of Vodka, preferably Smirnoff, which is considered to be good neutral liquor that can easily absorb multiple flavors. Of course, you can also do this with a cocktail shaker, but who needs one when you have such a mess-free, fuss-free dispenser hanging about the kitchen? Using a whipped cream dispenser for many different purposes can solve the issue of the use of kitchen space and provide you with a better insight into using one product to do an array of different works around the kitchen. The perfect combination of sweets, colour and cream chargers makes for a real boozy, creamy Willy Wonka of a cocktail!

You can either use a mixture of different kinds of Skittles for your concoction, or you can separate them into different colors to make sure the flavors build up separately. Separated, the vodka will be colored into very discernible, individual colors and flavors, which is quite fun to watch. For today, we have chosen the green colored Skittles, which are lime flavored. First, take a measure of the green Skittles, and put them in the bottom of a whipped cream dispenser canister. Top with about 250 ml. of vodka (about 1 fluid cup), and then, covering the canister tightly with the screw top lid, shake well, so that the green color leeches out of the skittles, and you are left with a green concoction. Keep this mixture for four days to break down the white sugar of the skittles and allowing the flavors to develop fully, leaving only the insoluble sugar crystals behind. Once that happens, you can strain the concoction, and chill the vodka before serving it in a shot glass. You can also do the same with multicolored Skittles. Just pour a measure of them in a glass, and top with a cup of vodka. Screw the lid tightly, and shake well. Leave for about four days, and then strain off the residue, leaving the vodka infused with a multicolored skittles concoction. Serve chilled, preferably in a shot glass, to get that boozy kick of sugar and alcohol.