Popping Candy Cupcakes

Don’t you sometimes wish that you food was a bit more active when it’s in your mouth? Does the act of chewing need a bit of livening up?

popping candy

popping candy

Well perhaps a popping candy cupcake is exactly what you need? You are probably already familiar with the idea of candy that pops – moon dust, fizz wizz or similar. When you were a kids, yo probably shovelled the stuff into you mouths with abandon? Well now you are a frown up, does that mean that you no longer get to have the fun of candy exploding in your mouth? You could of course still just buy a packet of pop rocks from Tesco, rip the top off and scoff it – but how about taking a slightly more mature approach to it? It is not exactly molecular gastronomy (although Heston has dabbled).

The secret to success with popping candy cupcakes is that you need to coat the popping candy with something to keep it dry – as soon as it gets wet then you’re in for a premature pop! To give yourself a bit more time then you need to “wrap” the popping candy in something with a low water content – this could be fat in chocolate or icing.

Betty Crocker keeps it simple without any coating – but maybe she is quicker at eating the cakes, so doesn’t need to worry about it all going wrong?

Chubby Hubby puts the candy into the base of a cake and by folding it into warm chocolate manages to encapsulate and protect the candy.

How to cook that has you mixing the popping candy into a simple butter icing.

The sticky and the sweet insist upon serving it with a soda – for an extra bit of CO2 fizz wizz.

popping candy cupcakes and soda

popping candy cupcakes and soda

I can’t find any reference to actually cooking with the stuff – but I’m determined to get some and give it a go!

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