Molecular Mixology for cocktails

Molecular Mixology Tips for the Adventurous Cocktail Mixer
If you think that you are really adventurous, then you need to try some of the molecular mixology tips that have been proposed by expert mixologists. Creativity is the keyword here. You can tweak the ingredients as much as you want. However, you want to know a few important tips before you can make the cocktails. You have to mix the ingredients just right, to make sure that you use the right equipments if you want excellent results. There are many recipes online, written by experienced mixologists. you would be better off to start with those before you can try anything new.

Balance ingredients
Do not indulge too much on the ingredients. You have to use the precise quantity. A little more or less and you will not get the excellent results that you desire. If you are a bartender you have to know that mixing, heating and freezing the ingredients to make these cocktails takes time and therefore you cannot mix the cocktails for a full house club. You also have to remember that many of the ingredients could be rare in your area. That is why bartenders like to keep it simple and therefore they just use the simple recipes.

Choosing the right molecular mixology style is crucial. There are so many of these styles but the most common ones are caviar, jellys and foams. The robust foams have especially taken the world of bartending by storm. They are easy to make and are very impressive. They make for great presentation and many customers love them. You should know that using complex ingredients is good if you know how to do it right but remember that some of the cocktails may be too overwhelming for customers. It would be better for you to make what the customers want.

Concentrate on flavor
One of the ingredients that has taken the molecular mixology circles by storm is gelatin. Mixologists love this because of its flavor. Nitrogen is also used but not as often because it requires the highest handling standards. One piece of advice that the expert mixologists advice you to try out are the flavors. Concentrate more on the flavors than anything, even more than color and if your customers like the taste, they will come back for more.

There are fabulous cocktails colors while others could be downright frightening to some of the customers. While you can concoct cocktails with colors like blue and others, you should try out more palatable colors. The key in molecular mixology is to find the right balance for the ingredients.

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