Magngo Espuma

To make Mango Espumas, you would need a whipped cream dispenser and a nitrogen charger, because this light and fluffy recipe is a great accompaniment to many dishes, and is an absolute bomb in desserts. To make it, at first you would need to soak one leaf of Gelatine in cold water till it is slightly soft but not dissolved. This is done to ensure that it dissolves fully when in contact with hot liquid.

So, in a pan, heat 1 cup of sugar syrup, and add the soaked Gelatine, mixing well to ensure that it dissolves fully. When fully dissolved, take the pan off the heat and add 1 cup of Mango Puree. Now, you can always buy mango puree by the can but it is a better idea to get freshly pureed mangoes, made from scratch, for that perfect taste.

After pouring in the puree, combine thoroughly to make sure the mango puree mixed fully with the sugar mixture. Then, pour the mixture into a whipped cream dispenser or an espuma maker, and fill it up till the advised level (the maximum volume allowed generally is supposed to be written on the side of the espuma maker. However, if you are not feeling confident, or you do not see any markings, stop after the vessel is half-full). Close the lid of the dispenser tightly. Charge this with one nitrogen charger and shake well. Now keep this refrigerated for about 2 hours or so. However, a good idea is to shake it every 20 minutes or so to make sure it sets properly.

When it is time to serve, I like to use a bowl of fresh fruits as the best place to squirt some of the espuma on top, and serve it with a sprig of mint or basil, and perhaps some lime slices.