These are some good places to start to find information and ingredients. None of the links are officially endorsed by FeedWhip but they are all places that we have found useful in the past.


Quite often then Amazon is in fact the best place to buy your equipment and ingredients – if you are simply looking for the best prices, however these specialist suppliers have knowledge to go with the stuff they sell which can sometimes can be more important than saving a bit of money! At the very list, take a look at them before you go straight to Amazon so maybe we can help to keep these specialist stores alive.


Suppliers of Gastronomy equipment and supplies:

100% Chef

Cheeky Monkey Cream Chargers

Infusions 4 Chefs

Texture Pro

Bien Manger

MSK Ingredients

The Spice House


Blogs: you might have a specific query or maybe you are just browsing? Either way, you might find some of these are worth a read, I have broken them into two categories – those that are either specialists in molecular gastronomy (or have a substantial interest) and those that are just good, well written food blogs.


Molecular Gastronomy Info:


Seattle Food Geek

Science Fare

Molecular Gastronomy Network

Gods of Alchemy


Great Food Blogs:

The British Larder

Lavender and Loveage

Tinned Tomatoes

Maison Cupcake

Amuse Your Bouche












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