Jello Shot Chargers

When you are in company of friends, these are one of the best things to make when you want to impress them in a party. This recipe is totally drool-worthy and is a great party starter. You can make this with or without alcohol. Or, even better, you can serve them as dessert, topped with a good squirt of whipped cream from a whipped cream dispenser. In this recipe, both versions will be talked about. If ever there was a dessert designed for the cream chargers treatment then this could be it!

To begin, take 4 Oranges (or large fruits which you can easily scoop out, like maybe Grapefruits) and cut them in half. Scoop out the juice, pulp and pith from inside and leave the outer skin intact. Be careful so that the skin is not pieced in any way. Put them in muffin cups to stop them from rolling about. Now, what you should ideally do is get a couple of sachets of different flavored jelly crystals.


vodka jello chargers


To each pack of jelly crystals add 1 cup of boiling water (or the amount listed according to the package instructions) and mix them well together till all the jelly crystals are dissolved thoroughly. To this, add cold water. If you are using one pack of jelly crystals, the ideal proportion is to use 200 ml. of cold water. Or, at this point, if you are at an adult party, you can use equal amount of vodka or white rum to make it alcoholic. You can add other white spirits to this.

Mix together and fill each orange wedge with the mixture. Make sure you go right to the top. You can use any colors you like, and if you are making a large number for a party, then you should go for a number of different colors. Let them set in the fridge for 4-6 hours to completely firm up.

To serve, just cut one in half, and serve in the orange rind.

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