How To Make the best pancakes in the world!

Who doesn’t like pancakes? This is a fabulously easy recipe which would make about 20 pancakes. This recipe is great with some thick maple syrup and a squirt of cream from your handy dandy whipped cream dispenser. All you need is a bit of time and effort to make these delicious pancakes. What you should ideally do is make the batter slightly ahead of time and then wait. It does take a bit of time, but this pancake is actually very tasty and easy to make.

You would need:

3 eggs

1 pint milk

1 pound self-rising flour

6 ounce caster sugar

3 teaspoon baking powder

At first, break the eggs in a bowl. Pour the milk on the eggs. Whisk till the eggs are well mixed. Add the dry ingredients. First the flour, then the caster sugar, baking powder and whisk all the ingredients together till the mixture is well-done.

Leave the batter to rise for 1 hour. Then with a large spoon, beat well to whisk the batter thoroughly. If the batter is too thick, add a bit of milk to loosen it about. Heat a thick griddle or frying pan, and wrap a piece of butter in a piece of cloth and rub the frying pan with it.

Then put ½ cup worth batter on the pan at about 4 inches distance between each pancake as they will spread. Cook till the pancakes are done, about 3-4 minutes. Use a spatula to separate the pancakes and loosen the edges. Flip and cook for another 3 minutes.

The pancakes should be evenly browned on both sides. Place the cooked pancakes in a wire rack covered with a serviette. Flip a towel over them to cover and let them be until they are done.


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