Robots Help – whipped cream dispenser?

Become Your Own Molecular Mixologist – Tips for Mixing Cocktails At Home

You might want help robots or you may just choose to do it yourself? The robot you maay require is actually whipped cream dispenser is it not?

Who said that molecular mixology is a turf for the chefs and bartenders only? You can become your own mixologist at home and if you love a cocktail every now and then, this will save you money. However, astounding cocktails like the ones that you get at the bar do not just happen, but they take time, ingredients and the right equipment to prepare. After you make your first successful cocktail at home, you will appreciate what the bartenders do for you. The good news is that it is not very difficult and better yet, some of the ingredients that you can use are fairly common and you most probably have them at home. You need a few tips to get you going and you will be ready to give your taste buds a run for their money.

1. Always start very simple. There is no sense trying some of the professional recipes that require you to do tens of things. If you start with the simple recipes, you will learn more as the days go by. You can make everyday a cocktail day if you like. You can find some of the most common recipes online.
2. Find the right tools and equipment for molecular mixology. For home use, you do not have to spend a fortune to buy the equipment. You need to invest in funnels and other small chemistry pieces because cocktail making is a science. However, this does not mean that you have to turn your bar into a mini lab. Just find out what tools you need. You will need the home bitter blender, which you can also use for other purposes. Just find, if you shop for the equipments widely on the internet, you will find them ate very affordable prices.
3. Learn how to use the equipments just right. For example, you need to know how to filter the lemon, what kind of filter paper to use and so forth. You can get the DIY tips from the internet because there are many other people who make cocktails at home.
4. Get the right cocktail glasses. If trying to use the coffee filter to polish the lime is hard, you should try serving cocktails in the wrong glasses. Cocktail is only good if served in the right glass, otherwise it is not a cocktail.
5. Find out what simple flavorings that you can use at home to make sure that you enjoy yourself to the utmost. Luckily, molecular mixology is ever so popular and every time, there are many more ideas that you can use.