Handmade Chocolate Valentines

One of the things you might have noticed is that chocolate truffles, especially the ones that look cute, are incredibly expensive come Valentine’s Day. Indeed, this is one of the biggest issues many of us have had to handle. So, how do you make your own chocolate for your love on Valentine’s Day? The best way is to make it on your own. Of course, you can decorate them the way you want, and at the same time, you can put in whatever flavouring you like, unlike many ‘mystery flavours’ available during this season.

To make your chocolates, Take a plastic piping bag and fill it with chocolates. Seal it after the chocolates are in it. Make sure that no end of the piping bag is open, because the next step would be to boil the bag in a big pan of boiling water till the chocolate is soft. You can put in any flavouring of your choice while filling the bag with chocolates, or you can use flavoured chocolates.

As soon as the chocolate feels soft to the touch (use a spatula to check this) remove and using the spatula, mash the chocolate without opening the bag, to make sure the chocolate is completely melted.

Now, prepare chocolate moulds by putting some sprinkles or nuts in them. You can skip sprinkles, but they do look cool, so you can choose to use or not use it. Once the chocolate is sufficiently cool enough for you to handle, cut off one end of the bag, making a small cut to ensure that not too much of the chocolate gets out at the first squeeze. Then holding the bag carefully, fill up the chocolate moulds. Freeze for 45 minutes.

Once the chocolates are cool, remove them from their moulds and then you can further decorate them by using cream from a whipped cream dispenser, or candy melt decorating pens. Let them settle down as you would like them to. Once they are done, wrap them in transparent cling film and secure with cute ribbons. To store, refrigerate them till you want to give them or eat them. This is a fabulous way of making chocolates.