Gourmet Mist

Oil and Vinegar misters. Whilst at Feedwhip we are normally looking at cream chargers propelled aerosol eg. These, there is still room for some manual pumping!

You might have seen the “Best Fish and Chip Ever!” as created by the one and only Heston? In that then he used a vinegar spritzer to pump some fine droplets of vinegar into the air – the notion being that the tiny droplets will give a fine mist that will not make the chips/batter go soggy! It also adds a real chip shop aroma to the event. He suggests that you use fine quality vinegar that has been used for pickling eggs, but Feedwhip has also found that it can work well if you use some dark balsamic vinegar too, this gives the chips a nice “sweet” edge to them – it does however also alter the colour so if you are concened about this then stick to the spirit vinegar.

gourmet mist

gourmet mist

Gourmet Mist Oil – you can also spray some olive oil mist onto a pan prior to frying to get enough oil to stop sticking – but not so much that it imparts a flavour. I have a friend that swears by the idea of squirting all of his pans before he puts them away to protect them. This does look a bit like overkill for stainless steel or non-stick cookware, but I can see the merits if you are to do this onto cast iron cookware that has a habit of forming rust pocks whilst you aren’t using it!

You might also consider the idea of combining a vinegar and oil mister to make a salad dressing that can be applied via aerosol onto you salad. The advantage of this is that it will totally cover every inch of greenery without making it all go soggy – this is great – unless you are one of those people that likes to use you bread to dunk into the dressing after the greenery has gone – in which case you might find yourself a little bit disappointed!

Whatever your reason there are also health benefits to the use of the gourmet mist – you can apply the tiniest amounts of oils to foods, to get the flavour without the fats. A full range can be seen here

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