Gourmet Whip

Using a whipped cream dispenser for sweet and savory applications is a great idea. You would see them in so many different places, and nowadays it is all the rage around town. What you should do is to put in the liquid of your desire, and then either add liquid nitrogen or carbon-dioxide, to infuse nitrogen in it, or make it carbonated. For example, mix together some whipping cream, vanilla and maple syrup together, and pour into the canister, then add a nitrous charger to it and release it in, shaking once or twice to distribute it evenly. Each nitrous charger is good for one-time use.

You can unscrew the charger and keep it in the fridge till you want to serve it. You can then use it as a topping for many foods, or use an injector to fill cream puffs or cupcakes. You can use this to inject fruit filling or chocolate as well. Also, you can stripe up your donuts or write with the injector.

A lot of times, you can make your savory sauces special by using the charger. Take Hollandaise sauce and aerate it with the Nitrogen. Keep it warm by immersing it in hot water bath. Just before putting it on top of your favorite food, like perhaps, some cooked asparagus, just shake it and put it over the vegetable. It will be aerated and tasty like anything.

You can also use the injector as infusing your meat with some great flavors. Make brine with white wine, lemon juice, coarse salt, rosemary, peppercorns, and some herbs like thyme. And then strain off the solids, and then add a canister of nitrous charger to add some pressure, which would be delivering a lot of the flavor right down to the center of the meat. Give the canister a shake, and then remove the used canister and add the thinner injector. Use it to strategically pierce the chicken and fill it up with the brine, and that would really deliver that extra taste in it.

So now that you know so many uses of the humble whipped cream dispenser, why not use it to make a lot of different variations of the food generally considered to be boring?