Cream Dispenser

The obvious choice for a cream dispenser would be a cow – however that is not how it needs to be, beyond the obvious (goats, sheep etc)

you might be surprised, pleased or repulsed to learn that human breast milk is in fact good for you!! At least according to the Daily Mail – and who would not beleive them on a matter of health?

But where would you get it from if you don’t have access to either a nurse -maid or a frrindly lactacting lady?

There was a fashion for breast milk ice cream – but that boat has sailed, I think now your only option would be to put your special interest out there on the gumtree and see what you end up with…

Or go via Only The Breast – although they are really aiming at the baby market… heck, they even take paypal!

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  1. rob July 2, 2013 at 4:29 pm #

    This is not a cream dispenser, it is a perversion!

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