Cream Dispenser for Salt Cod Espuma

With Baby Calamari sautéed with a Hint of Chorizo and pheasant consommé

This particular recipe of Salt cod Espuma is a very elaborate one with layers of flavors in it. Espuma is another word for “foam” and in this recipe it will be an integral part, which brings the dish together. The espuma is flavored mainly with salt cod and coconut cream, and there are several components which are added to it to make sure the final result is stunning.

The first step would be to make the Salt Cod Espuma.

Take about 1 lb. of salt cod pieces and put it in a pan. Chop a small shallot, and scatter over and around the salt cod. Add a few sprigs of parsley and thyme (no more than a handful of both combined) on top of it. Add 4 tablespoons unsweetened coconut cream and 1 grated russet potato on top of the salt cod. Add enough whole 100% milk to the cod, enough to cover, and then put the pan over low heat. Bring it up to a very gentle simmer, and cook for 10 minutes. Do not boil it, or overcook it. That will ruin the delicate flavor of the cod.

Strain out the liquid once, and add one egg white to it. Strain again directly into a half liter whipped cream dispenser, and make sure not to overfill the canister of the dispenser beyond the fill line, so that there is a good amount of air inside the canister that will help make the foam. Then, charge the dispenser with cream chargers, to make sure that the espuma is ready to be used.

To assemble, in the serving dish, place a tablespoon or two of a white bean, salt cod and black truffle jam in the bottom. You can make this by cooking together the beans with some chopped salt cod and finishing with the truffles.

Over this, place a few tablespoons of baby calamari sautéed with a hint of chorizo. To make this, sauté together some slices of chorizo sausage with a bit of baby calamari, salt and pepper, and finish off with a touch of black truffle to really draw out the flavors.

You can then add a few cubes of gelée made of chorizo, and then, holding the dispenser carefully, cover everything with a layer of the espuma, foamed to perfection.

Top with a poached egg yolk at a controlled temperature of 66 degrees centigrade which is going to add another layer of flavor to the dish. Dust with some good quality cocoa powder, to intensify the coconut flavors.

While serving, you should take the prepared dish to the table and pour a generous portion of warm pheasant consommé, which you pour after setting the dish in front of the diner, making sure to pour it gently so that the foam is not disturbed too much.