Whipped Strawberry foam chargers

The recipe for Strawberry foam with cookies is a really easy one if you have a whipped cream dispenser, and all you need are a few things that bring together this dish perfectly. Chilled, fluffy cream over crunchy cookies really makes this recipe incredibly tasty, and as there is no milk or cream involved in the recipe, it can be a great option for lactose intolerant people. The best thing is, you can actually substitute chocolate cookies for vanilla wafers, or multigrain cookies, or even gluten-free cookies, to make this dessert truly healthy. All you would need is a good siphon-based dispenser, and it would whip up the strawberry concoction easily.


  • 400 gm. strawberries, hulled
  • 200 ml. water
  • 50 gm. icing sugar
  • 1 teaspoon Xantham gum
  • 120 gm. chocolate chip cookies  or vanilla wafers or other cookies of your choice


  • Wash the strawberries first. Chop into pieces. Crumble the cookies into small pieces and set aside.

  • Combine the water with the icing sugar and the Xantham Gum, which is essentially going to work as a thickener. Add the strawberries and churn together, crushing the strawberries.

  • Once the mixture is thickened, strain the concoction. Using the back of a spoon, put pressure, and get as much puree out of the strawberries as possible.

  • Measure out 250 ml. of the juice first, and then pour it into the siphon of the dispenser. Screw on the lid tightly and put the siphon in the fridge to cool it for 30 minutes.

  • After the time is up, take the siphon out of the refrigerator. Then, put one-third of the crumbled cookies in the bottom of each of the three individual serving cups.

  • Shake the siphon thoroughly, and holding carefully, pipe out a portion of the foam over the cookies, making sure the cookies are completely covered, and serve immediately.

This recipe can be easily cooked with other kinds of berries, like raspberries, or citrus fruits like orange and passion fruit. You can actually try out a number of different combinations which can easily work, and add more layers maybe, to suit your taste buds. The key is to put the foam on top of the cookies just before serving. That will ensure crunchy cookies. This is not a dessert you make ahead, because making it ahead would lead to soggy, mushy cookies, which is definitely not a good thing. Keeping everything fresh and easy is the key to it.