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  • cheddar cheese facts

    Cheddar Cheese Facts

    If anyone in England thinks of cheese, then it’s cheddar that comes to mind. The country was built on a ploughmans lunch – here are some cheddar cheese facts.

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  • ricotta facts

    Ricotta Cheese Facts

    Its creamy, it’s delicious, it’s easy to make yourself. Here are some Ricotta Cheese Facts that you might find of interest!

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  • mozzarella facts

    Mozzarella Facts

    Mozzarella Cheese – the ultimate melting cheese. Perfect for pizzas – so what’s the back story? Here are some mozzarella facts!

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  • goat cheese

    Cheese Monkey Goats Cheese Help

    Help, instructions and recipes for helping to make your own cheese from goats’ milk. Did you know that billy goats urinate into their mouths and then dribble it down their beards? mmmm cheesy..

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  • mozzarella kit

    Cheese Monkey Mozzarella Help

    Help with your Cheese Monkey mozzarella making kit. Everything you need to know and some useful mozzarella making tips – which we’re happy to share even if you haven’t bought one of our kits!

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  • Feta Cheese Facts

    Over half the cheese eaten in Greece is feta cheese. They might not have any money, but they know about salty, sharp sheeps’ milk cheese!

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