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  • zoku quick pop maker

    Zoku Quick Pop Maker

    Zoku Quick Pop Maker – you don’t need a recipe – you just need imagination to make ice pops as fast as you like! Duo for double speed.

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  • popping candy

    Popping Candy Cupcakes

    Popping Candy Cupcakes – like normal cakes, just a little bit more interesting. Just don’t pop too early!

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  • Pomegranate Syrup

    Pomegranate syrup, the love juice created from love apples. Great as a coffee syrup or with cocktails.

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  • aeropresscoffee

    Aeropress Coffee

    Aeropress coffee, the inverted press that makes life easy and caffeine fuelled! I take mine black, but others might need cream supplies for theirs?

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  • gourmet mist

    Gourmet Mist

    Oil and Vinegar misters. Whilst at Feedwhip we are normally looking at cream chargers propelled aerosol eg. These, there is still room for some manual pumping! (more…)

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  • molecular Margarita

    Molecular Margarita

    Molecular mixology kit – create three versions of the Mexican classic Margaritas.

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